Second in a series of interviews designed for business owners looking to build their companies for a future, successful sale.

Invitation-Only Workshop & Breakfast Hosted by Pacific Advisors, the Incendia Group, BBVA Compass,
and Objective Capital Partners

Friday, September 14, 2018 7:30 - 9:30 AM 9540 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 150 San Diego, CA 92121

Build to Sell: Critical Questions for Your Future

Are you counting on your business to be a key asset for your financial future? How do you know that you are making the decisions today that maximize that outcome? Begin making decisions now with the end in mind. The Build to Sell series of interviews lets you hear from business owners who have built and sold their businesses successfully, facilitated by an expert panel of professionals in this field.

In working with our business owner clients, we hear some of the brightest owners grapple with many of the same questions

  • How much longer do I have to do this? 
  • How much will I need to sell my business for? 
  • How do I get more time in my life to enjoy it? 
  • How do I get cash flow without working as hard? 

Five Key Takeaways: 

1. Understand key factors to maximize the value of your business 

2. Understand the key factors to increase the saleability of your business 

3. Know what to focus on depending on your current business stage 

4. Meet the advisors who are integral to the sale of a business 

5. Determine your sufficiency number: How much is enough to sell? 

Attend and Recieve a Complimentary
Valuation Multiples Report for your Business:

Would you like to learn about what your business multiples are right now and ways to optimize them? We'll reserve 10 minutes at the end of the meeting to explain the value of the report.  

Your personalized report will include a current range of sales multiples for your company based on your company’s specific industry and size.  

We'll offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation to review the report with each participant privately. 

Past Attendees Learned:

"Three things required to sell and different term options." - Lynn F. "Risk of being terminated as consultant shortly after exit transaction." - Jon S. "How owners choose their attorney and invetment banker." - Jon S. "You can get terminated before an earn out." - Scott K. "The direct correlation between company culture and the leadership team with the business value." - Claudia S. "Tangible examples of surprises following the sale and to do instead." - Claudia S. "Active role pre-sale to determine post sale terms and how to best drive success post sale." - Shay T. "Buyers want to understand and see how the business would run without the owner." - Shay T.


Greg Kent


Bio Clean Environmental Services, Inc.

Greg Kent has owned and operated construction related companies since 1981. He has thirty-seven years of experience in all phases of the construction industry including municipal, commercial, residential and industrial projects including hands-on field management, project management, estimating, human relations and executive management. In 1999, Greg and his wife Janet started Bio Clean Environmental Services, Inc. out of their garage with a string of small contracts serving military facilities in San Diego County. As EPA guidelines became more stringent, the Kents saw a growing need for reliable and effective stormwater filtration solutions. Starting in 2006, Bio Clean embarked on a radical streak of developing their own innovative and effective stormwater technologies that carried through the sale of the company. These breakthrough technologies turned them into an industry powerhouse and set them up to be able to name their terms when it came to selling. Savvy decision making, the ability to walk away from bad deals, and a willingness to bet on the company and his talented family has provided Greg with the opportunity to “have his cake and eat it, too.” Come hear how he did it and learn from the experiences and challenges that faced Greg and his team along the way.


Chau Lai


Financial Advisor
Pacific Advisors

Since 1997, Chau Lai has established a career of working with highly compensated professionals and business owners to make sound personal and business financial decisions. Her comprehensive financial analysis and planning help address: retirement income planning, investment analysis, risk management strategies, cash flow analysis, business succession, tax efficient strategies and estate planning. 

Chau knows that a strong personal and professional goal alignment are every bit as critical as choosing the right investment vehicles. She combines an extensive knowledge of sound financial strategies and products with a deep commitment to understanding her clients’ individual concerns. The result is an integrated approach to managing her clients’ finances over the course of their lives; during all stages of personal and business growth. 

Peter Sieffert


The Incendia Group 

Peter Sieffert is the owner of The Incendia Group, which specializes in delivering Business Health and Enterprise Value for the $5m-$100m, “middle market”. Peter has extensive training and experience in the coaching field. He started his career as a coach in the fitness industry, working with world class professional and Olympic athletes while growing a multi-location training center. He was instrumental in the purchase, growth, and sale of the company prior to shifting his focus from athletes to business owners. After buying a license for Swiss Avenue Partners business systems in 2007, he grew a thriving practice, working with companies in a variety of industries including wholesale, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and professional services. Peter now resides in Carlsbad California with his wife Kristen and his sons, Will and Jake.

Rick Martinez


Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking BBVA Compass

Rick brings over two decades of business expertise and experience in commercial banking and finance to help small- to medium-sized businesses and real estate investors/developers succeed. He works closely with clients and their Trusted Advisors to offer finance solutions and strategies to achieve important business initiatives. His goal is to gain a deep understanding of his clients and be considered one of their key advisors: someone they can trust to help them deal with the opportunities and challenges they face on a daily basis.
Prior to joining BBVA Compass, Rick served as Vice President of Business Banking for a San Diego-based community bank for seven years and spent five years at Wells Fargo developing new banking relationships for the Business Banking Group in North County San Diego.

Channing Hamlet


Managing Director Objective Capital Partners 

Channing Hamlet is a results-driven executive who has 20 years of experience advising business owners on management issues and transaction execution. He brings direct management experience as well as strategy consulting, private investing, and investment banking experience to each client.
Prior to joining Objective, Mr. Hamlet served as a Managing Director of Cabrillo Advisors, where he was instrumental in growing the valuation practice from its inception to a national practice serving more than 700 clients in five years. Previously, he served as a Director at Vistage; Principal at LLR Partners, a $260 million private-equity firm; and member of Legg Mason’s Investment Banking group.

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